Who We Are

David and Lisa Pratt have been Grand County locals since 1989.  Things looked a lot different around here back then, but this beautiful lodge, then The Circle H, always had a special place in our family’s heart.  Coming from Florida and previously upstate New York, our family loves food, hospitality and of course, spending time near the water.  We are so delighted to have the privilege of running the business of our dreams as a family and we look forward to making you a part of it!

Lisa and David are no strangers to the hospitality business.  With a knack for natural entrepreneurship,   they both date back to the early 70’s working in the biz, their experience ranging from property management to many styles of bar and food service in between.

Mustachio’s will be the Pratt’s third business in Grand County.  In 1998, they opened Buckets, a bar, Laundromat and video arcade in downtown Winter Park.  Buckets quickly became a favorite hot spot in town in addition to keeping the seasonal help fed on free popcorn and 25 cent hot dogs.   In 2001, they took on the Crooked Creek Saloon in Downtown Fraser which they ran for 6 years.  The Crooked Creek remains in full operation and continues on as a historic fixture in the “Ice Box of the Nation.”

This extraordinary lodge and restaurant on Lake Granby is our family’s favorite venture yet.  We are so very excited to share our home and business with the lovely citizens and visitors of Grand County.  With that said, we look forward to having you stop in to share in the food, hospitality, events, art, beautiful view and of course, the unbeatable good times awaiting you at Mustachio’s on the Lake.

Since we took on this venture in the Spring of 2013, we have been overwhelmed by the love and support we have received from locals and visitors alike.  Now we find ourselves with six seasons under our belt and all the encouragement we could hope for to move forward.  We are thrilled to share our delicious Italian cuisine with our many guests and be the destination of so many celebrations.  Without the amazing patronage that is so graciously bestowed upon us, we would not be here making our dream a reality. A heartfelt thank you goes to all…you are the wind beneath our wings!